X-Teams Team Dynamics


Team Dynamics - Basic Principles of Directional, Innovative and Successful Teams

Team Dynamics and Leadership for success in a changing world

The aim of the training is to develop a team that is agile, confident and ahead of the curve in developing and fast-changing markets. Always one step ahead of competition. Winning teams of the past are now facing pressure. They are overly focused on internal processes, lack close relationship with senior management and use methods that are outdated. take their strength from external knowledge. The aim here is to provide a basis for keeping teams ahead of the race with X-team methodology (actively offered in courses at MIT Sloan School of Management) where proactive, innovative and externally facing leadership replaces outdated norms.

1. Causes of Failure of Good Teams

♦ Downward Spiral

◊ Old Team Dynamics

♦  Changing World

◊ New generation teams, new generation organizations

2. Successful Teams in New World – What works?

♦ X-team principles

◊ Principle 1 –External activities

                • Ambassadorship and Scouting

◊ Principle 2 Successful execution

                • Task Coordination

◊Principle 3 –Flexible Phases

                • Explore, exploit and export


◊ X-team support structure

3. Establishment of Effective X-Tools

♦ X- Tools used for the X-team

◊ From theory to practice

4. X-teams – Distributed Leadership

◊ Sensemaking

◊ Relating

◊ Visioning

◊ Inventing

♦ Real-life Examples

Course Simulations