Leadership Development Program

Business Simulations can be included as an integrative of Administrator Development Programs, as well as the backbone of the holistic program. Its defining feature is that it is a method that “connects” the participant by offering a direct hands-on, competitive sense and opportunity to learn with fun. Explaining theoretical knowledge in small packages, measuring team dynamics on business, adding additional modules to institution-specific titles, creating a discussion environment with holistic presentations, it becomes a unique learning experience. 

The most successful blended models are models where the training process begins with a simulation and ends with another. This structure creates the ideal conditions for participants to see gaps in their skills, develop in practice, and apply all of them to their careers. The model applied in comprehensive development programs involving corporate academies or individual coaching is the model in which the development process is constructed around the simulation from start to finish. The function of the simulation here is that all theoretical, individual, challenging, “hard/soft” knowledge and skill that touches the program is placed in the backbone, holisticizing the development experience of managers and transforming the participant experience from necessity to excitement. Gripping, competitive, entertaining, even in everyday work, it becomes a realistic memory that is often remembered, story-told When blended with learning, competition and entertainment, the participant’s development is very fast, its permanence in the institution is unique.

Online Competitions with Business Simulation

Expectations are changing from each new generation participating in the business world and the human resources, education and development departments are changing. Leading companies connect with potential employees when they’re still at school. It is important to introduce (i) the brand and the institution, explain the career opportunities (ii) offers, and (iii) to make recruitment decisions by seeing performance on the job. Younger generations are far from traditional learning methods.Even case analysis means working on a “dead” situation for them.
With Business Simulations, a competitive environment is being set up, where every team can change the results at any time. This model offers an exciting, objective, effective solution to needs such as determination of trainee candidates, recruitment in “junior” tasks, promotion decisions. Participants not only exhibit difficult skills, but also show their reactions to unexpected technical or relationship-based situations. The application can be customized according to the needs of the brand and the organization. It is set up in the classroom for short periods or by spreading from a distance to time.

In-Company Tournaments

For many experts and HR Departments, “training” means a wide range of class lessons to off-field team activities. When we take the concepts of “learning and development” to the forefront, we perceive experiences that everyone joins with love, who take part in the memories of the institution, create motivation and make it a pleasure to share. Enriched with the sincerity and experience of our consultants, Capsim Learning Experiences serves the different needs of a complex group of needs to live in one event and develop together. With our customers which have multinational or holding structure, we provide experiences where teams from different departments or companies enrich the corporate culture. 
In our two-stage applications, we offer programs that start with an online qualifying round and pass the tour compete on the spot in the final. Capsim simulations and business consulting model are designed with online and on-site applications, so wave-by-wave spreads in the institution and offers a unique solution that facilitates change processes in particular.